Express Entry

Express Entry

Permanent Residence : Express Entry

Canadian Experience Class: Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s immigration application management system for economic immigration. Candidates for Express Entry are awarded up to 1200 points under a ranking system meant to identify those candidates most likely to succeed in Canada. The highest ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool will receive an “Invitation to Apply” after which they will have 90 days to complete an application for Permanent Residence in Canada.


  • Be Eligible for one of Canada’s three economic immigration streams:
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Provincial or Provincial Nominee Program

All Express Entry Candidates are given a score out of 1,200 based on the four parts of The Comprehensive Ranking System formula:

  • 500 Points: Core Human Capital Factors which include age, education, language and Canadian work experience.
  • 100 Points: Skill Transferability -which is a combination of foreign qualifications, work experience, education and language ability.
  • 600 Points: A Provincial Nomination certificate.
  • 50-200 Points: For arranged Employment
  • 15 points if you have a sibling as PR of Citizen in Canada
  • 15 points if you have completed a post secondary program in Canada
  • 30 points for French language skill

Express Entry pool selection and ITA for a specific Immigration category further requires to qualify for the selected program;

Federal Skilled Trade Worker:

Prospective Applicants must obtain 67 points in order to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Points are assigned in accordance with six factors, per below:

Education (maximum 25 points) – the highest level of education attained and the total number of years of education

Language Ability (maximum 24+4 points) – the applicant’s ability to speak, listen, write and read in either one or both of Canada’s official languages – French or English. Please note that if the applicant claims points under the language factor, proof of language proficiency must be provided. Proficiency in a second official language is worth an additional 4 points.

Work Experience (maximum 15 points) – number of years of full-time or equivalent paid work experience in a high skilled position.

Age (maximum 12 points) – the current age of the applicant, with the most points being awarded to applicants between 21 and 49 years of age.

Arranged Employment in Canada (maximum 10 points) – Either a permanent job offer in Canada for which the applicant is qualified or the applicant is currently employed in Canada and holds a work permit that is valid for at least 12 months.

Adaptability (maximum 10 points) – the applicant may be awarded points for this factor if they can show that they, their spouse or common-law partner, or their dependents will adapt easily to life in Canada.

The Federal Skilled Trade is for skilled trade’s people who want to immigrate to Canada. To qualify, applicants must have at least 2 years work experience in a skilled trade in the last five years and meet certain minimum language requirements.

The Canadian Experience Class permits foreign nationals who have been working in Canada for a period of at least one year to apply for Permanent Residence on the basis of their Canadian work experience.

In order to qualify:

  • Applicants must have a minimum of one year of full time work experience in Canada in the three years preceding the application.
  • Meet certain language requirements.

Both programs use a point system to assess candidates.

PN: This point system is not the same as the Comprehensive Ranking System used to rank candidates in Express Entry.

The Provincial Nominee Program is a joint-program involving the provinces of Canada and the federal government, permitting provinces to design their own immigration programs and actively manage immigrant selection in accordance with provincial plans and priorities.
Applicants to all provincial nominee programs must meet federal admissibility criteria in order to enter Canada. Applicants seeking a provincial nomination from any one of the participating provinces must first ensure they meet the program criteria specific to that province, and make their applications in two parts: first to the provincial program administration and then to the federal government department responsible for immigrant selection.
Each province may run multiple programs at different times during the year based on their own needs and goals. Program requirements vary widely and are subject to change at any time. To find out more about various provincial programs and to assess your qualifications.

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